Sum­mer Prices 1.6.–13.8.2023

Nor­mal Bow­ling at 14–16 22€/lane/hour  inclu­des shoe rental

Glow Bow­ling from 16- 32€/lane/hour  inclu­des shoe rental

Sum­mer Of­fer 10x 1 hour 170€  inclu­des shoe rental

Day Prices

Nor­malMon-Fri 24€
Sat-Sun 32€
10–1710–1610–16 12–16
Weekly Re­ser­va­tionMon-Fri 20€10–1710–16--
Discount GroupsMon-Fri 18€
Sat-Sun 24€

Night Prices

Weekly Re­ser­va­tion24€17–20
Discount Groups24€17–20

Glow Bow­ling

Ot­her Prices
Shoe Ren­tal 2€
Loc­ker Rental 2€
Mee­ting Room First hour 40€ and ad­di­tio­nal hours are half price.Ku­va 360 astetta
Cancel­la­tion Policy La­ne re­ser­va­tions can be ma­de ea­si­ly over the pho­ne or via the in­ter­net. Af­ter a re­ser­va­tion is ma­de, it is bin­ding. La­ne cancel­la­tions or mo­di­fica­tions to an exis­ting re­ser­va­tion should be ma­de in ad­vance so the bow­ling al­ley has enough ti­me to re­lea­se the re­ser­va­tion. We ask for ti­me con­si­de­ra­tion when deci­ding to mo­di­fy or cancel a re­ser­va­tion with us — about 4 hours prior to the ori­gi­nal re­ser­va­tion please! 
*Un­for­tu­na­te­ly we can­not accept cancel­la­tions or mo­di­fica­tions to re­ser­va­tions th­rough email or in per­son at the ti­me of reservations. 

We accept all cre­dit cards / bank cards with the excep­tion of Ame­rican Express. You can al­so find ot­her forms of accep­table pay­ment be­low.