Bow­ling is Fun!

Bow­ling is a chal­len­ging, en­jo­y­able and po­pu­lar hob­by that’s sui­table for all ages — from kids to grand­pa­rents and eve­ry­one in between. 

At our bow­ling al­ley you will find all the equip­ment and ex­pert gui­dance you will need to be­gin your bow­ling jour­ney. We ha­ve au­to­ma­tic sco­ring sys­tems with ma­ny op­tions, inclu­ding children’s ga­mes, the­med set­tings and va­rious ver­sions of the tra­di­tio­nal 10-pin bow­ling game.

Co­me try our ar­ray of choices and chal­len­ge your friend to a ga­me! We are an English-friend­ly es­tablish­ment and inc­re­dibly hap­py to accom­mo­da­te all your needs in English! Ti­me to ma­ke a tur­key (th­ree stri­kes in a row) or a spa­re (pic­king up your lef­to­vers from your first shot) whi­le being re­min­ded of this nos­tal­gic Ame­rican sport & hobby. 

Fa­mi­ly Friendly 

Children and fa­mi­lies ha­ve the op­por­tu­ni­ty to all bowl to­get­her on our la­nes! Our deflec­ti­ve bum­pers can be enabled for se­lec­ted bow­lers, al­lowing children to re­vel in a mo­ment of stri­ke success!

Di­sabled and Handicapped 

The bow­ling al­ley has mo­di­fied equip­ment and ad­jus­ted balls with hand­les to al­low the di­sabled a shot down the la­nes as well. We ha­ve han­dicap­ped access to our bow­ling la­nes via an ele­va­tor wit­hin the Ur­hei­lu­ta­lo buil­ding, and our know­led­geable staff is always he­re to help! 

Glow Bow­ling 

Glow bow­ling is an eve­ning ac­ti­vi­ty that brings the rock and roll at­mosp­he­re to li­fe. Lit-up la­nes, black lights and me­mo­rable music will crea­te an ex­pe­rience to re­mem­ber. Between the stri­kes you can en­joy drinks from the bar or light snacks, and if you’re luc­ky may­be even a li­ve band or DJ

Glow bow­ling is sui­table for va­rious cor­po­ra­te events, Christ­mas par­ties, birth­days, da­tes and mo­re! Bow­ling is the per­fect ac­ti­vi­ty that brings people to­get­her, whet­her it’s for a team-buil­ding event or simply to ha­ve a good ti­me with your friends.

Welco­me to the Bow­ling Alley! 

Ope­ning hours:

Mon-Thu  10:00–22:00

Fri-Sat  10:00–23:00

Sun  12:00–18:00

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