Fun Bow­ling & Bar

Fun Bow­ling & Bar

Fun Bow­ling and Bar is a 10-la­ne bust­ling bow­ling al­ley with a rock ‘n’ roll am­biance! We are loca­ted on Hel­sin­gin­ka­tu 25, in the heart of Kal­lio, Hel­sin­ki, just ad­jacent to Ur­hei­lu­ta­lo. Fun Bow­ling and Bar was es­tablis­hed in 1961 and has been up and run­ning un­der the sa­me na­me since 1995.

About Us

Fun Bow­ling and Bar is part of Tar­min Oy, a fa­mi­ly-ow­ned busi­ness that was of­ficial­ly es­tablis­hed in 1978. Tar­min Oy ope­ra­tes as an im­por­ter of Ame­rican-ma­de Qu­bica-AMF pins­pot­ters, la­ne ele­ments and sco­ring sys­tems, ma­king it the on­ly com­pa­ny that is im­por­ting the­se Qu­bica-AMF pro­ducts and ser­vices. Tar­min Oy al­so of­fers set-up, ins­tal­la­tion and main­te­nance of pins­pot­ters and la­ne elements. 

Tar­min Oy runs the pro­fes­sio­nal Stri­ke Shop, which is com­for­tably loca­ted wit­hin the sa­me ve­nue as the bow­ling alley. 

In ad­di­tion to Fun Bow­ling and Bar and the Stri­ke Shop, Tar­min Oy al­so runs Hi5bikes loca­ted in Hert­to­nie­mi, Hel­sin­ki. Hi5bikes of­fers a wi­de se­lec­tion of cus­tom sports bi­kes and acces­so­ries for moun­tain bi­king and off-road bi­king. Ma­ny people say that hi5bikes is the best specia­li­ty bi­ke shop in town! 

Fun Bow­ling & Bar

Fun Bow­ling and Bar of­fers eve­ry­one a chance to bowl, re­gard­less of skill le­vel, and en­joy the ga­me in a re­laxed en­vi­ron­ment. Clo­se to the la­nes there’s a ser­vice coun­ter and bar whe­re you will find a se­lec­tion of beer, (tap and bott­led), wi­ne, non-alco­ho­lic be­ve­ra­ges, snacks, ban­ter and bow­ling tips! 

Fun Bow­ling and Bar is open 7 days a week — with the excep­tion of Christ­mas and Mid­sum­mer — gi­ving you plen­ty of ti­me to prac­tice hard or simply ha­ve fun! 

See you soon!